Parking on Campus getting Out of Control?

There is a universal problem that affects college campuses across the United States; student parking. The mere mention of the issue ignites controversy among students at TSU. Trying to park in residence halls such as Boyd and Eppse is nearly impossible during peak class hours according to Sean Nixon, a junior from Detroit.

“As far as the parking on TSU’s campus is concerned, I believe there is overcrowding. Trying to park near the front dorms is impossible. Just to get a parking spot you have to go around campus to the back of Hale or even the Performing Arts Center.”

One could also point to how today’s students are part of a “car culture” that urges them to drive to destinations when they could just walk. Senior Erica Smith has had a car on campus for two years and is familiar with the problems of on-campus parking.

“Parking sucks. I have class in the PAC and I have to park all the way by Boyd. It takes me twenty minutes to find a parking spot so I’m always late to class and sometimes my professors are late because they too can’t find parking spots.

Campuses across the nation are reconfiguring their parking systems. For example TSU has implemented a reserved parking system for administration. Faculty and staff are able to purchase reserved permits for the year that will allow them to have a designated parking spot on campus.

“If they don’t fix the parking situation or at least change it, there’s going to be a lot of students very late to class trying to find a parking spot,” added Nixon.

Parking remains a frustrating problem for students and faculty at most U.S. colleges and universities.


About tsunews1

Student Journalists at Tennessee State University in the Department of Communications from Nashville, TN.
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