Out Of State Tuition Struggles

By: Michael Curtis

The issue of rising college tuition costs affects all students, out-of-state students more than anyone.Tuition webbox

For some students at TSU, college is by far too expensive and there needs to be some change to minimize the burden on the students’ wallets and minds.  When students are forced to sit out because of the lack of funds to attend school, it affects them mentally according to Jackie Pennyman, a junior from Detroit.

“It started out my freshman year of me having to pay $4000 per semester on a deferment plan and when I was unable to pay that I was forced to sit out of school for two years so I could come back and get in-state tuition,” said Pennyman.

According to www.governing.com the average student is now hobbled with more than $25,000 in debt, up 25 percent in the past decade. The differences between in-state and out-of-state tuition sometimes is the determining factor when student have to leave universities according to Markeil Lewis, a senior from Stone Mountain, GA.

“It’s always a struggle when you have to look at paying $30,000 versus paying an average 19 or $20,000. That big $10,000 gap is what stops most out of state students from going here,” said Lewis.

There are ways for out-of-state students to save thousands of tuition dollars without being limited to their home state however.

“I feel like there should be more resources and I want to thank the past president for making the tuition cut because it was actually a big boost in helping me pay for tuition. That cut at least half of my tuition out that my parents didn’t have to worry about,”  added Lewis.

College prices have risen faster than the prices of other goods and services in recent years, even as family incomes have declined. Even though college is a place you want to go, sometimes the university doesn’t make you welcome enough, according to Marcus Patrick, a sophomore from Chicago.

“We want to be at TSU, we want to be in the big blue family but at the same time it feels like TSU is not really extending an arm to us because it’s so hard for an out of state student to get anything done as far as financial aid and getting classes together,” said Patrick.

In state students should cherish their university more according to Lewis.

“When it comes to out-of-state vs in state, I really feel like out of state students treasure their experience more than in state students,” added Lewis.

Taking a gap year to establish residency in a state can also save students thousands of dollars on tuition.

“After I sat out for those two years I came back and got instate tuition and life as an instate student is way better than what it was as being out of state, I basically don’t have anything to worry about,” added Lewis.

Eligibility for in state tuition for out of state students depends on a number of factors, including where students live, what degree program they are interested in and whether minimum caps have been met. As tuition increases annually, students will continue to struggle with finishing their education. The government’s input on this topic could change that for students.


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Student Journalists at Tennessee State University in the Department of Communications from Nashville, TN.
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