Smoking on Campus

By: Brandi Giles

No Smoking

No Smoking

“I feel dejected, rejected, and shunned by society.”

In recent years, TSU put into action official tobacco-free guidelines.  Senior M.C. Potts is a smoker, and admits to lighting up on campus grounds…due to the lack of consequences.

“What can they do to me?” They can’t fire me. And I pay my tuition so…”

Sophomore Marquel Green gets offended by cigarette smoke on his way to class.

“I hate the smell, so I just hold my nose when I walk past the library.”

But Green says he won’t alert campus authorities.

“No, I never thought of that because they’re grown. You can’t tell a grown person what to do.”

TSU is just one of at least 1,178 colleges across the nation that has adopted a 100% tobacco-free campus since 2009.  Junior Marquis Wilkins isn’t a smoker, but he isn’t bothered by the policy either.

“I don’t feel like it should be a huge deal if somebody just wants to smoke a cigarette or something outside. It shouldn’t really be a concern.”

TSU Police can issue student misconduct referrals for violating the policy, but Potts offers another solution.

“There should be designated smoking areas. That’s in my personal opinion.”

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