Poverty in the United States

By: Michael Curtis

More than 46 million Americans live in a state of poverty.

Tennessee has the 12th highest poverty rate among all 50 U.S. state, according to a new analysis of federal data. Education is the best way to combat poverty according to Kimani Bonner, a senior from Columbus, Ohio.

“Improving poverty starts with education to make sure everyone is aware of the situation that’s going on,” said Bonner.

Events like losing a job, having work hours cut back, experiencing a family split or developing a serious medical problem all have the potential to throw households into poverty. Leadership from people with higher influence should help improve this issue according to Michael Johnson, a senior from Flint, MI.

“I think it starts with leadership from our government to show that we as a people can move towards improving poverty,” said Johnson.

America is the wealthiest nation in the world, yet it has higher levels of poverty than any other country.

 “I feel as though racism is getting worse and is also getting more blatant. Some people will make it a pressed opportunity to get some type of exposure,” added Williams.

Poverty remains an infuriating problem for citizens all over the United States.


About tsunews1

Student Journalists at Tennessee State University in the Department of Communications from Nashville, TN.
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