Is Racism Still Alive?

By: Michael Curtis

Racism has affected this country for hundreds of years.

The mere mention of the issue ignites controversy among students at TSU. Constantly getting stopped by the police just because of his vehicle is a major problem for Rodrick Williams, a senior from Detroit.

“I get followed by the police a lot because of the vehicle I drive. I drive a 99’ Grand Marquee and it has my line name on it so I assume they think I sell drugs because they see the clever name,” said Williams. “I have a semi tint on it. I got pulled over once and he asked me was it anything illegal in the car, and I told him yes just so he can search the car and find nothing.”

Most people assume racism only deals with color of skin, but it goes way beyond that. Racism is the belief that one person is better than another person for any reason at all. Alex Atkinson, program director for financial affairs also believes racism is still alive and relevant in today’s society.

“I believe a lot of it is behind the scenes and undercover but I do believe that racism is still relevant and alive today,” said Atkinson. “We need to continue to combat it at an effective level not only for African Americans but anybody who is discriminated against.”

Racist ideas are still prevalent today including predominantly white neighborhoods versus predominantly black neighborhoods, the KKK versus the NAACP, and even black churches versus white churches.

 “I feel as though racism is getting worse and is also getting more blatant. Some people will make it a pressed opportunity to get some type of exposure,” added Williams.

Racism remains an infuriating problem for citizens all over the United States.

About tsunews1

Student Journalists at Tennessee State University in the Department of Communications from Nashville, TN.
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