Homecoming Vandalism

Homecoming week at Tennessee State University typically involves lots of different school related activities.  However, it also attracts trouble-makers to campus.  Is the recent vandalism to the library affecting campus morale?

“We’re here to provide services to people, and have a safe and quiet place for people to study.”

Michael Doster works in the TSU library, but when he got to work Monday morning, he was shocked by what he saw.

“You know, why would anyone want to vandalize the library?”

The weekend before homecoming is typically a time full of anticipation, with students and alums gearing up to show school spirit.  But Sunday, someone shattered the hopes of starting homecoming week off right.

“People still need to act like they got some home training.  I mean, this IS your school.”  Senior Brandon Ward believes the vandals of the campus will be identified.

“So, you know what I’m saying, treat it like it’s your house.  You don’t want nobody throwing bricks in your house, so have a little bit more respect cause what goes around comes around.”

Even though campus windows have been broken before, Doster has an idea to prevent this from happening again.

“Anything that’s out of place or you know of anybody that’s damaging TSU’s reputation; if it’s reasonable and safe, let them know about it.”

Campus police are still investigating the matter.  For the TSU News Network, I’m Brandi Giles.



About tsunews1

Student Journalists at Tennessee State University in the Department of Communications from Nashville, TN.
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